Recent Study: Glass shape influences the flavour of beer?

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It is often said that our perception of wine varies as a function of the receptacle in which it is presented. The current study was specifically designed to investigate the influence of the glass on people’s perception of beer.




Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage worldwide by volume. In 2016, the global production amounted to about 1.96 billion hectoliters, up from 1.3 billion hectoliters in 1998.(Statista, 2016).

It’s a recent australian experiment that was designed to explore the influence of the glass’ shape (straight versus curved glasses) on the perception of the characteristics of the contents. Fifty-three participants (18 – 64 years) took part in the experiment. The same drink was presented. Participants were informed that they would be sampling four different types of beer.


brew cup


The results show that glasses shape play a role in our capacity to perceive the aroma. In fact, small-diameter glass doesn’t allow odour molecules to be released from the beverage’s surface. The glasses shape has also been shown to influence the drinking experience. Consumers are willing to spend more for a bier when it was presented in a dimpled beer mug, relative to another glass.
The study revealed that ‘glass shape’ influenced the perceived intensity (~4%) and fruitiness (~5%).
So, choose your glass carefully your beverage’s taste depends on it…





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